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Your Rigid Sales Process is Dead

Buyers and their processes have changed. 

Not only are your buyers smarter and more complex than ever...

...they are bombarded with 100+ emails, Teams/Slack, and LinkedIn messages per day, and are constantly putting out fires.

Still, you contact them 6-10+ times - and they agree to meet with you.

Possibly from genuine interest...but likely because they value your 'persistence' (read annoyance) and want you out of their hair.

Either way, now is your chance to stand out and make an impression.

You're extremely well prepared. 

You understand your offering well, and are ready to follow your company's process.

Whether that's Command of the Message, Challenger, or one your company came up with....

...from this Initial Qualifying Meeting all the way through Closing 💰

In short - you're Enablement's 'Golden Child.'

You dive into your 'script' and start following YOUR process.

Whether it's across this first meeting, or a series of meetings... don't miss a beat - and you're happily checking off each 'checkpoint' along the way.

But then - something interesting happens.

Suddenly, you're the mayor of Ghost Town and you can't seem to reclaim your deal, or heck - even your Buyer's attention.

Your Manager is peppering you with questions in your pipeline and deal reviews, and you can't seem to find the correct answers. 

Drowning in frustration, you're starting to wonder why this keeps happening.

How come you keep struggling to maintain healthy pipeline, losing control of deals, and closing more business?

The answers is simple:

Because the second your Buyers sense they are "being sold" - they're GONE.

"Being Sold" means following your rigid sales process to a T.

So here's the question for you:

If buyers have leveled-up and become smarter, more aware, and transformed how they buy from you.. come you haven't upgraded your sales process to match?

Prospecting as a "Volume Game"

Aimlessly calling, emailing, and messaging prospects without any strategy, prioritization, or effective messaging.

Effective Territory Planning & Messaging

Strategically organizing your Accounts and Prospects, leading with value-based messages that stand out from your competitors and evoke passionate responses.

Process (Old)
Frameworks          (New)

Interrogation-like Discovery

Asking your list of questions, replying "makes sense" and moving on like you're interviewing your Prospect for a job.

Effortless Discovery Conversations

Leading your Prospect with engaging questions that uncover the real motivators that carry deals to Close.

Stale Solution Presentations

Jumping from feature to feature in a fast-paced monologue, leaving your Buyers confused on how your solution will work for them.

Engaging Presentations Involving Buyers

Tailored presentations that show your Buyer exactly how to solve their immediate problems, and leaving them confident and excited to use your solution.

Steep Discounting to Win Business

Your solution and your company's viewed as "the same" and your Buyer only comparing dollars and cents.

Easy-Going Buyers & Higher Deal Sizes

Value-based solution selling that reduces 'back and forth' and boosts your average deal size.

Remaining Stuck in Your Career Path

Feeling stalled-out in your career path and limiting your growth and income as a result.

Profitable Career Moves

Confidently making moves and decisions in your career that will accelerate your skills, income, and personal growth.


Frameworks       (New)

frameworks are the future

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Uncover the foundational elements of successful pipeline generation.

Avoid wasted time searching daily for accounts to work, frustrating prospects with irrelevant messaging, and drowning in busy work.


Examine the 6 most frequent and detrimental mistakes sellers make in discovery and how you can avoid them.

Unlock Kyle's top 3 exercises you can do today to enter future discoveries more polished and separate yourself from competition.


Accelerate your understanding of running an effective presentation.

Discover the top 6 mistakes made in solution presentations and insider secrets the best sellers use to avoid them.


Shorten deal cycles and boost deal sizes.

Better prepare their buyer to sell internally successfully, increase your level of control in your deals - even at the late stages, and maximize your deal size through effective negotiation.


Your environment is a key driver for your success. 

Along with mastering the 4 key skills inside AE Frameworks, it's essential you put yourself in the right role at the right company to maximize your growth and income. 

This NEW section of AE Frameworks is dedicated to help you navigate difficult career decisions, find great companies, and land your next role.

Brand New for AE Frameworks 2.0


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These Frameworks have been through months of refinement to ensure applicability to any seller in any industry. The Frameworks are structured, yet flexible and are designed to help you unlock immediate value in your current role today, but also follow you throughout your entire sales career. Simply click any of the YELLOW buttons on this page to get started today.
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Account Executive Frameworks

Unlock the 2.0 Version of AE Frameworks used by 3,868+ sellers to begin your  transformation from bottom of the sales floor to #1 AE in your company.

frequently asked questions

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 Meticulously designed Frameworks that are timeless & useful in any sales role.

You're looking at Kyle Asay's career track. 

Notice that after 3 years of struggling as an AE, and nearly getting fired; something finally clicked.

When Frameworks were installed into Kyle's sales skills, he experienced the fastest promotion track in his company's history.

Unlock the same experience at your company by adding Account Executive Frameworks to your skill-set.

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“I listen to a lot of podcasts and have read quite a few sales books and your eBook is the most direct and actionable advice I’ve come across. I’m definitely going to be reading this over and over again!”

- Braden O. Account Executive at Qualtrics

“A lot of insight and strategy I hadn't considered or heard of before. Especially why to not use an agenda and what to use instead. This will be a game-changer for the 8 managers and 60 AEs I lead at Deel.”

- Mike G., Sales Director, SMB at Deel
- Jacob L., VP Sales, NorthAmericaTalk

“Kyle has a talent for taking a broad subject and distilling it, almost clinically, into a concise, easily implementable strategy. Search for sales podcasts and books and you’ll find there is not only a lot of noise but also a lot of recycled material, lacking originality. What Kyle brings to the table are original insights… he’s found a way to capture the spark of creation in the methodology and strategy he brings forth, something I see in only 1% of the content out there.”

- Daniel Hewitt, VP Sales at AV Pro

“Struggling with sales presentations or want to level up?  Check out Kyle's, "Solution Presentation Framework."  It's a step-by-step playbook on what to include and the pitfalls to avoid when presenting.  It's a quick read and packed with value for any seller.  I'm confident this guide will boost your close rate and strengthen client relationships while building your selling skills.”

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Account Executive Frameworks contain the step-by-step blueprints to navigate the 4 core aspects of any deal cycle.

AE Frameworks 2.0 was updated to include more modern, proven examples you can directly install into your sales motion.

Additionally, Frameworks 2.0 includes a NEW section focused on your career progression.

This roadmap is what guided Kyle Asay from bottom of the sales floor to being the #1 Account Executive, #1 Team Lead, and #1 Sales Manager at Qualtrics before being promoted to VP, and earning multiple Presidents Club honors in that role.

In addition to getting the 'knowledge' to level up your sales skills, you'll be equipped with real-world examples of each Framework, as well as common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Put simply, it’s the blueprint to fast-track your career in B2B sales.

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"I just hit my fully-ramped quota 5 weeks into a new role, again because of you and your frameworks.

- JB Gerring,  Corporate Account Executive @ Coupa Software

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“Invested in the frameworks. I can't thank you enough for putting this together and sharing it.

They've empowered how I approach sales, boosted my confidence, and provided the frameworks I can feel good about. 

It's given me not just a framework but a better understanding of what the customer truly needs from each stage and what they're hoping to gain from things like discovery.

Extremely actionable. It's day one, and I'm applying what I learned with confidence.”

—PJ Schwartz, Account Executive at BambooHR

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Account Executive Frameworks

Sellers Using AE Frameworks
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